About Us

We, at kidseduleap are providing educational kid’s educational activity updates at worldwide scale. Education is going on to new reforms every day. So many novice practices are been added for better understanding of the students. Many schools are taking at most care for the development of the students.

Kid’s development is the process which is a collaborative efforts of Teachers, parents and kids themselves. We see so many activities being conducted every day in many schools across the globe. But, these all efforts are not exposed to the world. Sometimes their creations are exhibited in the cities but not at a larger scale.

In this light, to motivate the kids and their activities, KIdseduLeap.com is introduced to highlight the remarkable kids activities. So that, the parents and teachers can get the updates of the various activities all over the world. Which can further motivate them to upgrade their activities. All the information is provided in short.

With kidsEduLeap.com, parents and Teachers efforts are appreciated and are recognized all across online world. Let’s start developing kids and upbringing the future in a smart way.